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Bringing God’s best into your morning routine

Your coffee routine is just as important as your morning routine, whether you’re going to work, church, school, to the gym, or simply out to play. 

Our proprietary instant coffee blend is packed with antioxidant rich adaptogens and nootropic infused ingredients to help elevate your spiritual connection and empower your physical and cognitive performance.*

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CruSade Café™

Our trademarked 2amino5™ is part of a proprietary coffee blend that consists of 2 aminos and a stack of 5 unique extracts which we call hapitropics™.

This instant coffee is sure to help elevate your mood, aid in stress reduction, and help increase memory and focus, all while supporting your digestive system.

Chances are you’re already drinking coffee every day, so why not get some added health benefits? Our Hapitropics™ 2amino5™ blend is special formula of 2 amino acids and a stack of 5 unique extracts, adding a nutritional dimension to CruSade Cafe™ that other coffee brands just don’t have.Don’t settle for weak bean water or a sugary energy drink-reach for the healthy, functional flavor of CruSade Cafe™!

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